Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Fiducate?

Ben Franklin said there are two things which drive men - love of power and love of money. I have no love for either but whereas I lack political power, I do have some control over my money. This is because I have acquired through careful study (and lots and lots of pain) a growing understanding of money. And having such, I understand how our government works a bit better. I also understand how banking work a bit better, how credit cards work, and how the money I make works.

Lacking understanding is a very very painful thing. You may be in this situation now. I've been there and have a strong aversion to it much in the same way one misspent night in college has forever ingrained in me a strong aversion to Peach Schnapps. I mentally wretch at the thought of ever being at the mercy of money again. And I don't want you to be there either. I know, it's a bad place.

So that's what this blog is here for. I want to make understanding money plain and simple. I want the complex stuff to be digestible and approachable for people who work a simple blue collar job or have no job at all. Why do I want this? Because I believe that people who love power have more of it when they have a better grip on our money than we do. I believe they work tirelessly to attain that position at your expense.

Just look at the stack of documents you have to sign or initial just to buy a home. Do you think that was designed to be easy to understand? On the contrary. It was designed to be so difficult to understand that most people will not fully comprehend what they are signing and will likely be bit on the hiney by that fact later. It's how you wind up on the hook dangling over the trout pond.

So, friends, brothers and sisters, countrymen and women, lend me your ear and let me help you get a grip on that which seems so elusive. The more of us who are in control of our finances, the less of us feed the system that makes its living abusing the unwary and ignorant. Yes - I said ignorant. That's where I was and that's where I suspect a lot of you are now. Hopefully you don't want to stay that way.

Stay tuned.

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